How to pronounce attrition? (2024)

What is the word attrition means?

: the act of weakening or exhausting by constant harassment, abuse, or attack. a war of attrition. 4. : a reduction in numbers usually as a result of resignation, retirement, or death. a company with a high rate of attrition.

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What is the meaning and pronunciation of attrition?

/əˈtrɪʃn/ [uncountable] (formal) ​a process of making somebody/something, especially your enemy, weaker by repeatedly attacking them or creating problems for them. It was a war of attrition.

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How do you pronounce attrite?

Break 'attrite' down into sounds: [UH] + [TRYT] - say it out loud and exaggerate the sounds until you can consistently produce them.

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What is the plural of attrition?

Noun. attrition (countable and uncountable, plural attritions)

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What is an example of attrition?

Voluntary employee attrition examples include employees leaving to pursue other job opportunities or retiring. On the other hand, involuntary employee attrition includes job position elimination due to business downsizing.

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What does attrition mean in the workplace?

Attrition is the departure of employees from the organization for any reason (voluntary or involuntary), including resignation, termination, death or retirement.

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Is attrition positive or negative?

Negative attrition, especially in industries with the highest turnover rates, is expensive. The organization must once again recruit, assess, hire and train a new employee, and until the position is filled, team productivity declines. Positive attrition refers to staff turnover that actually benefits the organization.

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What is the opposite of attrition?

It goes without saying that the term Retention and Attrition are not one and the same. If we go by definition, both are in fact opposite phenomenon. Retention.

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What are the three types of attrition?

There are three main types of employee attrition:
  • Involuntary attrition. Involuntary attrition happens when the company decides to part ways with the employee. ...
  • Voluntary attrition. Voluntary attrition happens when an employee decides to leave the company. ...
  • Retirement attrition.
Jan 24, 2022

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Is it attrite or attrit?

verb (used with object), at·trit·ted, at·trit·ting. to wear down (an opposing military force) by numerical superiority in troops or firepower.

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What is the past tense of attrition?

Attrited Definition & Meaning | YourDictionary.

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Why Is attrition a problem?

Attrition bias is a threat to internal validity. In experiments, differential rates of attrition between treatment and control groups can skew results. This bias can affect the relationship between your independent and dependent variables. It can make variables appear to be correlated when they are not, or vice versa.

How to pronounce attrition? (2024)
What is the opposite of employee attrition?

Retention and Attrition are two opposite situations in any Organization. When Retention is high Attrition is low and vice versa. Any Organization should work towards decreasing Attrition, then Retention rate will increase automatically.

Is attrition a problem?

Is Employee Attrition Good or Bad? The loss of employees can be a problem for corporations because it can mean the reduction of valued talent in the workforce. However, it can also be a good thing.

What are the five top reasons for attrition?

5 Top causes of employee attrition you must address now
  • Lack of recognition. ...
  • Lack of intellectual stimulation. ...
  • Poor Management. ...
  • Lack of development opportunities. ...
  • Lack of scope for autonomy.
Jun 29, 2022

What is a good employee attrition?

What is a Good Attrition Rate? While it's difficult to define a “good” attrition rate, businesses should generally aim for an attrition rate of 10% or lower. Keep in mind, however, that this number will vary from company to company and industry to industry, depending on the circ*mstances.

What causes employee attrition?

The four main causes of turnover are lack of growth and progression, inefficient management, inadequate compensation, and poor workplace culture. These reasons for staff leaving are present at many organizations around the world.

How do you stop attrition?

The following steps outline techniques for reducing workplace attrition:
  1. Foster a pleasant work environment. ...
  2. Appoint the right leadership. ...
  3. Give employees creative freedom. ...
  4. Prioritize professional growth. ...
  5. Offer competitive compensation and benefits.
Sep 29, 2021

How do you stop employee attrition?

5 Ways To Prevent High Employee Attrition Rates
  1. Set realistic expectations. ...
  2. Offer support and show appreciation. ...
  3. Train employees with effective tools. ...
  4. Communicate well and often. ...
  5. Compensate fairly and recognize high performers.

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