What age is high school in Japan? (2024)

What age is high school in Japan?

4. High School (16 – 18 years old) High schools in Japan provide a three-year education for students which starts when they are 16 years old and lasts until the age of 18. One of the biggest differences between junior high school and high school is whether taking an entrance exam is required or not.

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What grade would a 14 year old be in Japan?

The kid you mentioned would start the 2nd year of junior high school at 13 and finish the year at 14. On 31 March all the 2nd year kids will be 14.

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What grade would a 15 year old be in Japan?

The school year consists of two or three terms, which are separated by short holidays in spring and winter, and a six-week-long summer break. The year structure is summarized in the table below. Primary education in Japan covers grades seven, eight, and nine; children are generally between the ages of 13 and 15.

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How old are Grade 12 students in Japan?

School levels
AgeGradeEducational establishments
14-153 (9th)Junior high school/Lower secondary school (中学校 chūgakkō) Compulsory Education
15-161 (10th)The upper-secondary course of special training school
16-172 (11th)
17-183 (12th)
17 more rows

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What grade are you in at 13 in Japan?

If you are 13, you are likely to be placed in 7th grade in Japan, so that might mean junior high/middle school.

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Is 18 still a minor in Japan?

In 2015, Japan decided to lower the legal age of adulthood from 20 to 18 years old. But this threshold applies mainly to the right to vote. For most procedures, the legal age remains 20. Article 4 of Japan's civil code defines the age of adulthood (成年, seinen) at 20 years old.

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Is 16 a minor in Japan?

42. The Penal Code of Japan provides that an act of a person under 14 years of age is not punishable. Under the Juvenile Law of Japan, however, "juvenile" (shonen) refers to anyone under 20 years of age.

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How long is a Japanese school day?

In general, kids have to be at school by 8:45 am. School finishes around 3:15 pm, so they have to be in school for about six and a half hours every day from Monday to Friday. However, most kids also attend after-school clubs, and many also go to juku (cram school) in the evening to do extra studying.

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Is high school 3 years in Japan?

The Japanese school system primarily consists of six-year elementary schools, three-year junior high schools and three-year high schools, followed by a two-or-three-year junior colleges or a four-year colleges. Compulsory education lasts for 9 years through elementary and junior high school.

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What age do Japanese go to college?

In the academic year 2022, around 514.6 thousand students aged 18 years old were newly enrolled in universities in Japan. Students are normally 18 years old when they enter universities directly after they finish the 12th grade.

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What grade is a 16 year old in?

Grade 11

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What is Japan's age of consent?

The age of consent in Japan is 13.

The Japanese Penal Code stipulates that the age of consent, i.e. the legal age at which an individual is considered to have the ability to agree to sexual activities is 13 years old as of 2022. Most countries set the age of consent at 14 to 16.

What age is high school in Japan? (2024)
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