What does stable mean in chemistry? (2024)

What does stable mean in chemistry?

In everyday language, and often in materials science, a chemical substance is said to be "stable" if it is not particularly reactive in the environment or during normal use, and retains its useful properties on the timescale of its expected usefulness.

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What is stable solution in chemistry?

Chemical stability refers to the propensity of the solute(s) or solvents to react or decompose in solution. The kinetics of the chemical reactions can be zero, first, or higher order.

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What do the words stable and unstable mean in chemistry?

Atoms found in nature are either stable or unstable. An atom is stable if the forces among the particles that makeup the nucleus are balanced. An atom is unstable (radioactive) if these forces are unbalanced; if the nucleus has an excess of internal energy.

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What makes a reaction stable?

The lower the potential energy of the system, the more stable it is. Chemical processes usually occur because they are thermodynamically favourable. "Thermodynamically favourable" means from high energy to low energy, or, put another way, from less stable to more stable.

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What does stable mean in science?

stable. [ stā′bəl ] Not susceptible to a process of decay, such as radioactivity. For example, the most common isotope of carbon, carbon 12, is stable. Protons and photons are examples of stable subatomic particles.

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Does stable mean more reactive?

Reactant Stability/Reactivity: The more stable the reactant, the less reactive it will be. In terms of rates, this means that the more stable the reactant, the slower it will react.

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Why is a solution stable?

Complete answer:

True solutions remain stable as the particles are almost uniform in size and do not settle down if left untouched for a given time interval.

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What is stable example?

A house, shed, or building, for beasts to lodge and feed in; especially, a building or apartment with stalls, for horses; as, a horse stable; a cow stable.

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How do you know if a solution is stable or unstable?

If nearby solutions to the equilibrium point are all converging towards it, then we have a stable equilibrium point, if the nearby solutions are all diverging then we have an unstable equilibrium point.

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What does stable mean in atoms?

A stable atom has a net charge of 0. In other words, it has an equal number of protons and electrons. The positive protons cancel out the negative electrons. When the number of electrons does not equal the number of protons, the atom is ionized. (The atom is then called an ion).

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What words mean stable?

synonyms for stable
  • balanced.
  • calm.
  • durable.
  • fast.
  • lasting.
  • permanent.
  • reliable.
  • safe.

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How do you know if a substance is stable?

The stability of atoms depends on whether or not their outer-most shell is filled with electrons. If the outer shell is filled, the atom is stable. Atoms with unfilled outer shells are unstable, and will usually form chemical bonds with other atoms to achieve stability.

What does stable mean in chemistry? (2024)
What makes a molecule stable?

there are some factors which determines the stability of molecules? They should have complete their octet or duplet according to the need of the atom. The should have non-polar in nature. the should have appropriate and a stable geometry regarding the number of bonded atom to the central atom.

How do you know if a compound is stable?

There are a number of things that can make a compound stable. In general, stable compounds are of lower energy and have a balanced charge. Geometry is also a factor; Butane is more stable than Butene or Butyne because, in Butane, each carbon is in it's natural tetrahedral geometry (the electrons are more spread out).

What does being stable mean?

When something is stable, it's fixed and steady. If you needed advice, you'd probably go to your most stable friend, the one least likely to act crazy or be easily upset. Whether you're talking about an object or a person, the adjective stable implies reliability and strength.

What does stable condition mean?

to be in a stable condition: to be in reasonable health, and unlikely to deteriorate soon. idiom. a (health) condition: a (physical) problem, illness, sickness.

Does stable means fixed?

If an object is stable, it is firmly fixed in position and is not likely to move or fall.

Does more stable mean more basic?

The More Stable A Pair Of Electrons Is, The Less Basic It Will Be. The Less Stable A Lone Pair Of Electrons Is, The More Basic It Will Be. The Stronger The Acid, The Weaker The Conjugate Base (And Vice Versa)

Does more stable mean stronger?

Horizontal periodic trend in acidity and basicity

The key to understanding this trend is to consider the hypothetical conjugate base in each case: the more stable (weaker) the conjugate base, the stronger the acid. Look at where the negative charge ends up in each conjugate base.

What element is more stable?

There are some 90+ elements of the periodic table that occur naturally in the Universe, but of them all, iron is the most stable. If you fuse lighter elements together to get closer to iron, you gain energy; the same is true if you split heavier elements apart.

What does stable in solution mean?

In terms of the solution of a differential equation, a function f(x) is said to be stable if any other solution of the equation that starts out sufficiently close to it when x = 0 remains close to it for succeeding values of x.

Why do chemicals need to be stable?

Chemically stable materials are less reactive and thereby more corrosion resistant.

Is water a stable solution?

Water is a stable compound. Components made up of two or more elements is called a compound. Water is made up of two elements namely hydrogen and oxygen.

What does most stable mean?

[also more stable; most stable] 1. a : in a good state or condition that is not easily changed or likely to change. a stable community/government.

Where can we find a stable answer?

Ans. Stable can be found in a village.

Which mixtures are stable?

We define stable mixture as a mixture in which solute particles do not settle. Basically, in a stable mixture particles remain individual. For example, salt in water is a stable mixture. On the other hand, an unstable mixture is defined as a mixture in which solute particles settle or coagulate into the solvent.

Why are solutions not stable?

When the suspension is left for some time, particles get settled in the bottom because they are heavy, larger, and have less movement thus settle down due to gravity. Therefore, suspension is not stable.

What is the difference between stable and unstable?

An equilibrium is considered stable (for simplicity we will consider asymptotic stability only) if the system always returns to it after small disturbances. If the system moves away from the equilibrium after small disturbances, then the equilibrium is unstable.

How do you know if its stable or unstable?

Stability theorem
  1. if f′(x∗)<0, the equilibrium x(t)=x∗ is stable, and.
  2. if f′(x∗)>0, the equilibrium x(t)=x∗ is unstable.

How do you know if an atom is stable?

A stable atom has a net charge of 0. In other words, it has an equal number of protons and electrons. The positive protons cancel out the negative electrons. When the number of electrons does not equal the number of protons, the atom is ionized.

Does stable mean neutral?

A neutral, or stable, atom is composed of an equal amount of three components: protons, neutrons, and electrons. Protons have a positive electrical charge, neutrons are neutral, and electrons have a negative charge.

What does it mean stable condition?

In general, this means the person's vital signs -- like their heart rate, blood pressure, and body temperature -- are steady and within normal limits. They're conscious (aware) and comfortable.

What does not stable mean?

: not stable : not firm or fixed : not constant: such as. : not steady in action or movement : irregular. an unstable pulse. : wavering in purpose or intent : vacillating. : lacking steadiness : apt to move, sway, or fall.

How do you know which is more stable?

Rules for estimating stability of resonance structures
  1. The greater the number of covalent bonds, the greater the stability since more atoms will have complete octets.
  2. The structure with the least number of formal charges is more stable.
  3. The structure with the least separation of formal charge is more stable.

What is the meaning of stable elements?

A stable element by definition is a chemical element (found on the Periodic Table) that has atleast one stable, naturally occurring isotope. For example, Helium has 9 isotopes, but since two of them are stable (He-3 and He-4), Helium is considered to be a stable element.

Why do atoms need to be stable?

Atoms with greater stability have less energy, so a reaction that increases the stability of the atoms will release energy in the form of heat or light. A stable arrangement is attended when the atom is surrounded by eight electrons.

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