What is the difference between GMV and revenue which is more important from a marketplace perspective? (2023)

What is the difference between GMV and revenue?

Is Gross Merchandise Value the Same as Revenue? Depending on the type of e-commerce site, GMV is the same as gross revenue. However, for sites like eBay, it is a reflection of the total value of goods sold, but not the actual revenue the company makes, as a portion of those revenues is for the sellers of the goods.

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What metrics do you think are most important to track the performance of a marketplace?

The three most important metrics are liquidity, provider-to-customer ratio, and repeat purchase ratio. Business metrics tell you how you are doing financially and whether your business model is actually working.

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What is revenue for marketplace?

When the customer pays the supplier, the marketplace charges a percentage or a fixed fee for its services. The platform may charge either the seller or the buyer. Another scenario is taking a commission from both of them. This marketplace revenue model is the most common since the fee is justified.

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Is GMV a good metric?

Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) is a metric used to determine the total value of your sales over a given period. GMV is a good indicator of your eCommerce store's growth because it measures your sales volume and value—revealing how well your store is performing over time.

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What is the difference between GMV and GTV?


For example, provided your business model is based on commission, you had better track the GTV (Gross Transaction Value). GMV is the total dollar value of everything sold through a marketplace in a given period of time.

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What is the most important metric in marketing?

Return on Investment (ROI)

Return on investment is one of the most important metrics to track in order to know if your marketing strategies performed well or not.

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What are the 3 key metrics that Facebook uses to measure ads performance?

Delivery Metrics
  • Impressions. Impressions are the number of times your ads were on screen in front of your audience. ...
  • CPM (Cost Per 1000 Impressions) CPM (Cost per Mille) is the cost to achieve 1000 impressions. ...
  • Frequency. Frequency is the average number of times a person has seen your ad.
28 Feb 2022

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How do you measure marketplace success?

How To Measure Your Marketplace Growth and Success
  1. Monthly Active Users. The easiest way to track your users activity is through monitoring your monthly active users. ...
  2. Repeat purchase ratio. Another useful metric to observe is the proportion of returning customer who place repeat orders. ...
  3. Liquidity. ...
  4. Time Spent on Site.
6 Apr 2022

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How do you value a marketplace company?

There are several metrics investors look for when valuing a marketplace, but here are the most important.
  1. GMV, Gross Merchandise (or Market) Volume. GMV is the Holy Grail of marketplace metrics. ...
  2. Revenue. ...
  3. Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) for Supply. ...
  4. Network Effects. ...
  5. Barriers to entry.
10 Nov 2015

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What is marketplace performance?

Marketplace performance management is knowing which metrics are key to success and which levers to pull in order to grow those metrics.

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What is marketplace liquidity?

Marketplace liquidity is a metric that defines how successful your marketplace is and can be explained as the probability that each user on your marketplace, whether on the supply or demand side, can get what they came for.

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How do marketplaces generate revenue?


With the commission model, a marketplace gets money from each transaction it processes on the platform. You can charge either the seller, the buyer, or both, collecting either a percentage from each deal or a flat fee. The commission model is one of the most widespread.

What is the difference between GMV and revenue which is more important from a marketplace perspective? (2023)
What is the importance of revenue market?

Revenue management leads to innovation – in both the creation of new products and services and their pricing. This innovation leads to increases in revenue from sources companies may not have previously explored. For example, a sit-down restaurant might add delivery, pick-up and catering revenue streams.

What is the business model of a marketplace?

It describes the manner in which a product or service is created, how it's sold, who it's sold to, the products' profit margins, and how the business is competitive in the marketplace. Though they aren't the same, a business model is similar to a business plan.

How can I improve my GMV?

Giving consumers the option to bundle their products can help you boost your company's GMV by increasing the number of goods sold. Typically, bundles come with a discount, which will make your customers happy and help you get rid of more inventory. Bundling can also increase your AOV.

Is GMV a vanity metric?

Turner said one of the most common vanity metrics he encounters is gross merchandise volume (GMV), or the total dollar value of a retail company's sales over a given period.

What is Amazon GMV?

Amazon's growth in a relatively short period is only continuing to prove that it is a retailer like no other. Amazon's gross merchandise volume (GMV) for 2021 is predicted to be $600 billion worldwide.

Is GTV the same as revenue?

GTV does not represent revenue earned by us. Gross Transaction Volume or “GTV” means the total dollar value of transactions processed through our cloud-based SaaS platform in the period, net of refunds, inclusive of shipping and handling, duty and value-added taxes.

Which metrics are most important?

What are your Most Important Metrics?
  • Gross Revenue.
  • Net Revenue.
  • Profit Margin.
  • Conversion Rate.
  • Leads Generated.
  • Customer Retention Rate.
  • Website Traffic.
  • Cost-Per-Conversion.

What is the most important metric for a business?

1. Sales Revenue. We chose to put this metric first as it can tell a lot of things about your company. Month-over-month sales results show whether people are interested in buying your product/service, are your marketing efforts paying off, are you still in the competition, and much more.

Which metric is the best indicator of a successful business?

Net income ratio

The net income ratio, or profit, is the money left over when a company subtracts its expenses from its revenue. Businesses have traditionally viewed this metric for measuring value and it can be a quick indicator of whether your company is thriving.

What is the most important metric for Facebook?

As a summary to this talk, these are the most important Facebook metrics your brand needs to track in 2022:
  • Engagement.
  • Reach.
  • Impressions.
  • Followers growth.
  • CTR.
  • CPC.
  • CPM.
  • Best time to post.
19 Jul 2022

What is the most important KPI in Facebook?

Here is the complete list of the most important Facebook KPIs and metrics, that we will discuss in this article in every detail:
  • Number of Fans.
  • Follower Demographics.
  • Page Views by Sources.
  • Actions on Page.
  • Reach by Post Type.
  • Post Engagement Rate.
  • Click-Through-Rate (CTR)
  • Ad Impressions & Frequency.

What are the 4 key metrics to measuring digital marketing?

4 Key Digital Marketing KPIs to Monitor for Campaign Success
  • Total Cost of Digital Marketing. Total Revenue Attributed to Digital Marketing - Total Cost of Digital Marketing.
  • Cost Per Lead. Total Spent on Campaign / Total Number of Leads.
  • Revenue Per Lead. Total Attributable Revenue / Total Number of Leads.

How does Marketplace algorithm work?

Facebook Marketplace algorithm

“ For buyers, we use computer vision and similarity searches to recommend visually similar products (e.g., suggesting chairs that look similar to the one the buyer is viewing) and the option to have listings translated into their preferred language using machine translation.

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