What's the difference between a Haven and Haven hideaway? (2024)

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What is difference between Haven and Haven hideaway?

So, what's the difference and is it worth paying the higher price? In summary, a Haven Hideaway holiday means that you can't use the onsite facilities except for the restaurants, shop, launderette and takeaway.

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What is a Haven hideaway break?

A Haven Hideaway break is your ticket to explore the great British coast in all its glory, with an unrivalled range of things to see and do just a short drive away from our parks. There are 38 Haven parks to choose from, dotted all around the British coast, so there's a huge range of places to stay.

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Can I upgrade my Haven hideaway?

2. You'll be able to upgrade your accommodation. As great as booking in advance is, plans can sometimes change.

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What does a Haven play pass include?

access to indoor and outdoor swimming pools, flumes and slides, depending on the site. access to all entertainment venues and arcades – this includes daytime activities and night time entertainment and shows. ability to pre-book all free (and paid) activities for the whole family.

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Which Haven caravan is best?

  • Hopton Holiday Village – Norfolk​
  • Perran Sands Caravan Holiday Park - Cornwall.
  • Thornwick Bay Holiday Village – Yorkshire.
  • Doniford Bay Holiday Park – Somerset.
  • Haven Rockley Park - Dorset.
  • Lydstep Beach Holiday Park – South Wales​
  • Haven Seton Sands Caravan Holiday Park – Scotland.

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What are the grades of caravan at Haven?

The saver grade and bronze grade Haven caravans only have an undercounter fridge whilst the silver model has a 3/4 size fridge freezer. The gold grade and signature models have a full size fridge freezer. Again, this will be a big deal if you are cooking a lot but less of an issue if you plan to eat out most nights.

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Do you get towels in Haven caravans?

Towels (towels will be supplied in Silver, Gold and Signature models) Toilet rolls, toiletries and a bath mat. Hairdryer (a hairdryer will be supplied in Silver, Gold and Signature models) Tea bags/coffee, squash, salt, pepper, tomato sauce, oil - these are also all available in our on-site Mini Market.

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Should I bring towels to Haven?

At Haven sites the bed linen is included as standard. Not only does having bed linen included mean one less thing to pack, but more importantly all the beds will all be made up when you arrive. Towels are only included in our Platinum caravans, so we'll remind you to bring these later on.

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Can guests stay overnight at Haven?

For touring or camping guests, protection's just £5 for one to four nights or £10 for five nights or more per pitch. From 4 May, payment for Haven Holiday Protection is taken at the time it's added to the booking and once purchased, is non-refundable.

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What do the Colours mean on Haven map?

Haven parks used to come under four categories and were defined by four different colours, All Action Parks (Red), Lively Parks (Blue), Leisurely Parks (Yellow) and Relaxing Parks (Green).

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Is there WIFI in Haven caravans?

Wi-Fi connectivity is free to all users at all our Haven parks. Our caravan owners also benefit from complimentary Wi-Fi in our caravan owners' lounges. The system that affords everyone on park Wi-Fi is called Wifinity. Wifinity allows for up to 60MB per account (which covers one holiday home).

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Is there a microwave in Haven caravans?

32-inch Freeview TV in lounge. Under-counter fridge. Microwave. Pull-out bed in the lounge.

What's the difference between a Haven and Haven hideaway? (2024)
Do you get wrist bands at Haven?

You are given red wristbands to access the touring site. Different colours give different access to the facilities. All Haven sites operate this system to stop locals accessing the site. Hope this helps?

Is there evening entertainment at Haven?

Our evening entertainment is just the ticket to relax and unwind after a busy day enjoying everything great about the seaside. Take your seat and settle into a range of shows with all our parks hosting visiting shows and selected locations hosting West End style productions.

Do you have to pay for swimming at Haven?

If you are staying at the park you can get 'Entertainment Passes' that allow you entry into the pool throughout your stay, as well as access to the venues to enjoy the performances and shows. If you don't have a pass, you can pay to swim, it is £6 per person per swim with under 4's being free.

Which is the cheapest Haven site?

Location seems to be more of a factor than facilities and reviews. There are exceptions of course, but we picked out 10 of the best Haven holiday parks for our guide and found that the three cheapest were Seton Sands in Scotland, Thornwick Bay in Yorkshire and ​Lakeland Leisure Park in the Lake District.

Which is the newest Haven site?

Bookings are now open for the newest Haven Holiday Park, Skegness.

Which is the biggest Haven caravan site?

Haven's largest holiday park, Primrose Valley, is situated along the magnificent Yorkshire coast, where clifftop walks, and beautiful bays await.
  • Pools.
  • Seaside towns nearby.

Is park Dean better than Haven?

Haven tends to get better reviews overall than Parkdean Resorts but Haven is slightly more expensive than Parkdean Resorts. Parkdean and Haven both have some small sites with just a few caravans as well as some huge resorts with lots of activities.

Which is the biggest Haven?

Devon Cliffs delightfully sits on the county's south coast in an area known as Sandy Bay, a peaceful paradise that does exactly what it says on the tin. The biggest park in the Haven family, there's acres of fun for all the family here, and an award-winning Blue Flag beach is just a stone's throw away.

Do Haven caravans have 2 toilets?

Browse Caravans/Lodges at Devon Cliffs

The unit benefits from 2 toilets, double glazing and panel heating, fully equipped kitchen and comfortable lounge.

Do Haven caravans have kettles?

The kitchens contain a fridge (with mini freezer compartment), microwave, hob, oven, kettle and toaster.

Can you have visitors on a Haven site?

We are asking all visitors to our parks to pre-register before they arrive, this includes Haven holiday guests, owners, contractors and private letting guests.

Do you get pots and pans in Haven caravans?

Yes. All caravans and lodges come with pots, pans, utensils, cutlery etc. All caravans and lodges also a have fridge, oven, hob and microwave.

Can I arrive early at Haven?

Please note: Please do not arrive any earlier than two hours before your allocated accommodation check-in time (reminder: 12pm-1pm check-in can only arrive 1 hour before their accommodation check-in time), as you may be asked to leave the park and return during your allocated time slot in order to help keep other ...

What food do you take on a caravan holiday?

Ideal items include:
  • Tinned soup.
  • Microwavable rice.
  • Cold meats (Ham, salami or corned beef)
  • Pasta.
  • Microwavable noodles.
  • BBQ meats and veg (Sausages, burgers, kebabs, corn-on-the-cob)
  • Bread rolls.
  • Baked beans.
14 Jan 2015

Can you arrive late at Haven?

A: We do have procedures in place should you be arriving late to your accommodation. We must be notified in advance of your late arrival so that arrangements can be made.

What time do you have to leave Haven?

Check out. On the day of departure we ask that all our guests leave their touring pitches by 10am. We want guests to be able to make the most of their time away with us and you are welcome to use the park facilities on your departure day for any bookings such as activities, swimming and restaurants.

Can just adults go to Haven?

Haven Quay West

Haven New Quay is a fantastic park for adults, whether you're on a trip with friends or a getaway with your other half, and you might even spot the bay's bottlenose dolphins from the park itself.

Can you use BBQ on a Haven site?

yes you can. over a year ago. Every Haven site we have had our own portable BBQs and have had no come backs.

What is the Haven monkey called?

It is a newer addition to the range, and is great if you are up for a challenge – it consists of making a costume out of recycled materials with Greedy the Gorilla, a well-loved member of the Seaside Squad.

What is the pink elephant called at Haven?

Anxious the Elephant is a Haven Holidays character on stage. She is one of the original Universal Rory The Tiger characters along with Rory the Tiger and Greedy the Gorilla.

How can I watch Netflix in my caravan?

Connect the VanPlayer to the Caravan parks WiFi and stream or download your content from Netflix. This downloaded content will then be available to you whilst travelling and you can watch your favourite shows on your trip, even while off grid.

What is the cheapest way to get Internet in a caravan?

What is the cheapest way to get internet in a caravan? The cheapest way to get internet in a caravan when on holiday is to tether to/use your phone as a mobile hotspot, use your monthly data allowance from your provider, or pay for a one-off mobile data packet.

Can you smoke in Haven caravans?

All of our accommodation is non-smoking.

Please see the signage on park or ask a member of staff if you're unsure.

Can you get food delivered to Haven caravan?

With takeaway always available and a delivery service available at selected parks, you can order your food with maximum convenience using the Haven Serve app and enjoy your takeaway treat in your holiday home.

Can you use a normal kettle and toaster in a caravan?

It depends if the caravan site has a 16A supply and you are not using any other appliances in the caravan the power probably won't trip out. However, a standard domestic kettle is 3kw (12.5A) so there is not much 'wiggle room' before you trip the hookup.

Do Haven caravans have smart tvs?

Inside our caravan - all have Smart TV's - Picture of Lakeland Holiday Park - Haven, Flookburgh.

Is buying a Haven caravan worth it?

Buying a caravan of your own is a huge decision, but the benefits are of owning one are awesome. Although a large investment, buying a static caravan with Haven offers incredible value and a peaceful place you can return to time after time. The back-and-forth process of booking a holiday is made largely irrelevant.

Do Haven owners get a discount on Haven Holidays?

15% off* in our bars, restaurants and shops. Half-price leisure activities. All the help you need from our dedicated Owner Services team.

Do Haven owners get discount at other haven sites?

The Privilege Card can be used to gain entry to the owners' facilities at your home park only, but it can be used to gain entry to the general facilities and entertainment venues at any Haven caravan park. It is not valid at any of Bourne Leisure's Butlin's resorts or Warner Leisure Hotels.

How much do Haven entertainers get paid?

How much does Haven pay? Haven pays its employees an average of ₤8.04 an hour. Hourly pay at Haven ranges from an average of ₤5.86 to ₤10.93 an hour.

Can you go swimming at Haven without a pass?

Guests will need to purchase passes in order to secure booking a session (subject to availability) for the following: Swimming pools: Book sessions at the swimming pool or the A & L hut.

Which is the best Haven park in Yorkshire?

Haven's largest holiday park, Primrose Valley, is situated along the magnificent Yorkshire coast, where clifftop walks, and beautiful bays await.

Which Haven site is best for kids?

Best UK holiday parks for toddlers
  • Hafan y Môr. ...
  • Haggerston Castle. ...
  • Hopton. ...
  • Kiln Park. ...
  • Primrose Valley. ...
  • Rockley Park. ...
  • Seashore. ...
  • Thornwick Bay.
26 Oct 2022

What is better park Dean or Haven?

In terms of consistency of review scores, Haven is better. The range between the highest rated and lowest rated parks is less severe (1.6 for Haven versus 2.3 for Parkdean). ​Review scores checked July 2022.

Which is the best Haven site to visit?

Best Haven Holiday Parks
  • Thornwick Bay.
  • Rockley Park.
  • Craig Tara.
  • Haggerston Castle.
  • Hafan y Môr.
23 Apr 2022

What is the most popular Haven site?

1. Haven Hopton Holiday Park, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk. It's little wonder Haven Hopton is so popular with Mumsnetters. This well-maintained, dog-friendly holiday park is not only close to plenty of fabulous family attractions, but it also sits opposite a lovely, sandy beach on the scenic Norfolk coast.

How many times can you go swimming at Haven?

For those of you who love to plan, you can start pre-booking activities, tables in our restaurants and up to 14 swim sessions per break, 4 weeks before your break.

Which is the best Haven park in UK?

Best UK holiday parks for couples
  • Nearby Haven parkBerwick Holiday Park. ...
  • Nearby Haven parkChurch Farm Holiday Park in Sussex. ...
  • Nearby Haven parkRiviere Sands Holiday Park in Hayle, Cornwall. ...
  • Nearby Haven parkWild Duck Holiday Park. ...
  • Nearby Haven parkCombe Haven Holiday Park in Sussex.
26 Oct 2022

How much should you tip at Haven?

Those in suites or The Haven pay $20. Passengers under the age of 3 are exempt from the charges. In addition, a 20% gratuity is added to the bill at bars, extra-charge specialty restaurants and ship spas. Cruises to Hawaii also will pay a 4.275% prepaid service charge general excise tax.

Do you have to pay Haven in full?

The alternative to the easy payment plan is to pay in full or to pay an initial deposit of £60 at the time of booking and then the outstanding balance which will be due 10 weeks before arrival.

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