Which of the following is an example of a body in an unstable equilibrium? (2023)

What is an example of unstable equilibrium?

A system in unstable equilibrium accelerates away from its equilibrium position if displaced even slightly. An obvious example is a ball resting on top of a hill. Once displaced, it accelerates away from the crest.

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What is unstable equilibrium of a body?

A state of equilibrium where even a small disturbance could produce large changes. A body is said to be in unstable equilibrium when the body does not regain its original position when it experiences an external force.

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What are examples of unstable?

The situation is unstable and potentially dangerous. Both clay and sandstone are unstable rock formations. He was emotionally unstable. Coleridge was also a highly unstable person.

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Which of the following is an example of stable equilibrium?

equilibrium is said to be stable if small, externally induced displacements from that state produce forces that tend to oppose the displacement and return the body or particle to the equilibrium state. Examples include a weight suspended by a spring or a brick lying on a level surface.

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What is stable and unstable equilibrium?

An equilibrium is considered stable (for simplicity we will consider asymptotic stability only) if the system always returns to it after small disturbances. If the system moves away from the equilibrium after small disturbances, then the equilibrium is unstable.

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What is an example of equilibrium in the body?

Ans: A body is said to be in stable equilibrium whenever we displace the body by a small distance, then the state produces forces that tend to oppose the displacement and returns the body to its state of equilibrium. For example, consider a marble at the bottom of a bowl.

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What are the conditions for a body to be in a stable equilibrium?

Two conditions of equilibrium must be satisfied to ensure that an object remains in static equilibrium. Firstly, the net force acting upon the object must be zero. Secondly, the net torque acting upon the object must also be zero.

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How do you know if your body is in stable equilibrium?

A body is said to be in stable equilibrium if, when disturbed from equilibrium, it experiences a net force in a direction opposite to the direction of the displacement.

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Which of the following is most unstable?

Hence, the most unstable particle is the neutron with a half-life of only 106 minutes.

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Which of the element is unstable?

This is called 'radioactive decay'. Each element exists in the form of atoms with several different sized nuclei, called isotopes. Unstable isotopes (which are thus radioactive) are called radioisotopes.
Radioactivity of some natural and other materials.
Radioisotope for medical diagnosis70 million Bq
15 more rows

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What is an unstable condition?

Unstable medical condition means that an individual's medical condition changes frequently and/or rapidly so that constant monitoring and/or frequent adjustment of treatment regimens is required.

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What are the examples of equilibrium reaction?

Homogenous equilibrium can be further divided into two types: Reactions in which the number of molecules of the products is equal to the number of molecules of the reactants. For example, H2 (g) + I2 (g) ⇌ 2HI (g) N2 (g) + O2 (g) ⇌ 2NO (g)

Which of the following is an example of a body in an unstable equilibrium? (2023)
Which are examples of equilibrium quizlet?

The development of a vapor pressure above a liquid in a closed container is an example of a physical equilibrium.

What is an example of steady state equilibrium?

One of the simplest examples of such a system is the case of a bathtub with the tap open but without the bottom plug: after a certain time the water flows in and out at the same rate, so the water level (the state variable being Volume) stabilizes and the system is at steady state.

Which of the following is correct for unstable equilibrium?

An object is in unstable equilibrium if, when a disturbing force is applied, the centre of gravity is lowered and the object moves away from its original position.

What happens to an unstable system?

If a system in equilibrium is disturbed slightly, then if it is stable it tends to return to or oscillate about its original equilibrium state. An unstable system tends to continue to move away from its original equilibrium state when perturbed from it.

What means the body is in equilibrium?

Equilibrium is a state of the body where neither the internal energy nor the motion of the body changes with respect to time.

Where is the equilibrium in the human body?

The Vestibular System (Equilibrium) Along with audition, the inner ear is responsible for encoding information about equilibrium, the sense of balance. A similar mechanoreceptor—a hair cell with stereocilia—senses head position, head movement, and whether our bodies are in motion.

What part of the body is the equilibrium?

It is also essential to our sense of balance: the organ of balance (the vestibular system) is found inside the inner ear. It is made up of three semicircular canals and two otolith organs, known as the utricle and the saccule.

How do you know whether a body is in the state of stable or unstable equilibrium due to the position of its Centre of gravity?

A body is in stable equilibrium under the action of gravity if its center of mass is directly over its base of support (Fig.

What are the conditions of stable and unstable equilibrium for floating body?

A floating body is STABLE if, when it is displaced, it returns to equilibrium. A floating body is UNSTABLE if, when it is displaced, it moves to a new equilibrium. Consider a floating body tilted by an angle Δθ, as shown below.

What are the conditions of stable and unstable equilibrium for floating and submerged body?

Hence the condition of stable equilibrium for a floating body can be expressed in terms of metacentric height as follows: GM > 0 (M is above G) ⇒ Stable equilibrium. GM = 0 (M coinciding with G) ⇒ Neutral equilibrium. GM < 0 (M is below G) ⇒ Unstable equilibrium.

What are the 2 types of equilibrium?

Type of Equilibrium. Equilibrium is classified as dynamic equilibrium or static equilibrium.

What are the 3 factors that affect equilibrium?

Only three types of stresses can change the composition of an equilibrium mixture: (1) a change in the concentrations (or partial pressures) of the components by adding or removing reactants or products, (2) a change in the total pressure or volume, and (3) a change in the temperature of the system.

What are the three conditions of equilibrium in chemistry?

The three characteristics of equilibrium are: The forward rate and the reverse rate should be the same. The value of the equilibrium constant does not change at a given temperature but changes as the value of temperature changes. There is no effect on equilibrium by the use of catalyst.

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