Why is my level lock not working? (2024)

Why is my level lock not working?

If you see “No Response” under your Level Lock name in the Home app, your lock could be out of Bluetooth range, or something could be interfering with your wireless network. The most common reason for the Home app to show No Response is because the hub device is not within Bluetooth range of the lock.

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How do I reset my level lock?

On the connecting screw side of Level Motor, find a small recessed button below and to the right of the tailpiece adapter. Unbend the paper clip and use one end to firmly press and hold the button for 8-10 seconds until you hear the reset chime that confirms the process has been successfully completed.

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Will Level lock work without wifi?

Level locks work via Bluetooth (and, in the case of Level Lock - Touch Edition, via capacitive touch and near field communication), so you don't need internet access to control them.

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How do I connect to WIFI level lock?

Connect your new Level lock
  1. Keep your mobile device within Bluetooth range of your lock.
  2. When you see Get more with HomeKit, tap Continue.
  3. Tap a HomeKit location. You'll be prompted to scan the HomeKit setup code (QR code) on the Quick Start Guide that came in your Level box.

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How does a level lock work?

The lock uses the Level Home mobile app for Android and iOS devices. It opens to a screen that displays the name of your lock, its location, and the last activity. To lock or unlock the door, press and hold the lock icon. The lock will chirp each time it is locked or unlocked.

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How do you open a level lock?

How to use the Level Home app to lock and unlock your door.
  1. Open the Level Home app and sign in.
  2. Press and hold the lock name. You'll see a status message while the bolt is extended or retracted, then you'll see the last action just below the lock name. ( Event history)

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How do you change the level lock on a battery?

How to change a Level Lock battery.
  1. Verify that your new battery is a Lithium 3 volt CR2 battery.
  2. Open your door and move the deadbolt to the locked position (bolt extended).
  3. Unscrew the cap at the end of the bolt.
  4. Remove the old battery.
  5. Insert the new battery with the positive end in and the negative (flat) end out.

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Can you unlock level lock from anywhere?

If you have a HomeKit-compatible home hub, you can connect Level locks to the hub and then control your lock from anywhere with internet access. To access your lock remotely: Make sure your lock is in Bluetooth range of your home hub, and add your lock to Apple's Home app (see Add a HomeKit accessory to the Home app).

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How does level lock auto unlock work?

Once you've set up Auto-Unlock, all you have to do is approach your door with your mobile device. Once you get close to the door, the bolt retracts automatically. Level uses geofencing to figure out when you're home, and displays a Home or Away label next to the location name.

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Is Level bolt WIFI or Bluetooth?

After installing, the Level Bolt chirped to let me know it was working. I then connected it to the Level Bolt app (via Bluetooth) and to HomeKit by scanning a QR code. In all, I'd say it took me about 30 minutes to get everything set up.

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Does level lock work with Google?

You control Level locks with the Level Home app on your mobile device. Your mobile device must have: iOS 13 or later, or Android 6 or later.

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Does level lock work with Alexa?

Starting today, all of Level's locks are now certified with the Works with Alexa program, so you can use Amazon Alexa to control them. They also work with Amazon's Sidewalk network, as well as Apple's HomeKit platform for control outside of the home.

Why is my level lock not working? (2024)
Does level lock support thread?

The radios inside the Level Lock Touch Edition can be updated to support Thread. And the Touch Edition also has an NFC chip inside it which could be used in a “tap to unlock” scenario with an NFC-enabled phone or wearable.

How would you obtain a lock on an object?

If a thread wants to execute a synchronized method on a given object, first it has to get a lock of that object. Once thread got the lock then it is allowed to execute any synchronized method on that object. Once method execution completes automatically thread releases the lock.

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